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UTI or Feels Like

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Katie31   3 years ago
Started having uti feeling 2DPO but it dont hurt to have sex or pee just peeing alot it seems


Rebecca36  3 years ago
I don't kn when I ovulating . Not good wit all that . I kn my three kids. My first was conceived on sept28th my second son was conceived o


leslieann605  3 years ago
My UTI feeling started at 6dpo, felt better at 7dpo, got a little worse today, 9dp, but tonight feeling better. It comes and goes.




Starby35@gmail.com   3 years ago
Not UTI but when having sexual intercourse is painful that's awfully new never had before could this be a symptom


2ndtimemum  3 years ago
14dpo, sore tender bits when wiping after pee, UTI feeling not sure if is UTI though


maybe.bae  4 years ago
Help! I don't know if I ovulated this cycle but I am on CD31 and started having UTI on CD25. Am I pregnant?


devonsmom11  4 years ago
also I work at hospital and I've found HPT more sensitive than ones used here. They claim these are more sensitive but I proved it wrong.


devonsmom11  4 years ago
my last pregnancy prior to knowing I was pregnant had UTI like symptoms so can be indication. good luck.


nataliazella  4 years ago
i did the hpt several times and it was possitive,i went to the hospital yesterday and i the dr said is negative.why?


Baker611  4 years ago
Definitely having these symptoms. But for a bfp on home pregnancy test and obgyn confirmed it with blood work.


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