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Redneckmomma06  9 years ago
Between vomiting and nausea I don't know which end is up.. Could I be pregent ? Help


Enigma87  9 years ago
6dpo....vomited this morning then diarrhea and nausea all day


tiffanyn78  9 years ago
dpo13 vomiting bad nausea etc...




shawnette  10 years ago
from 8 dpo - now 12 dpo its horrible but i think i got a pisitive result just waiting


Wantinalilone  10 years ago
14 dpo it's 6 am and woke up nauseated and the vomited. To early ? ? Or possibly early symptom??


laquana  10 years ago
5Dpo can't keep nothing down...Yuck


laquana  10 years ago
Late night I finally threw up. Ugh! Dpo 4 I was vomiting everything..smh


laquana  10 years ago
I'm 4dpo and I started nausea all day then late night


Guest  10 years ago
drank coca cola and vomit everytime never seen this in prenancy soon to test


Guest  10 years ago
ate pizza for lunch vomitted for off and on for like 30 mins after


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