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insanelace  8 years ago
God I feel sick this morning...1 day till AF due still BFN but no spotting...time will tell.


Wanna have baby dust  8 years ago
at 11 DPO, still n such symptoms...I am worried now


Wanna have baby dust  8 years ago
Not yet ...:(




Wanna have baby dust  8 years ago
Not yet ...:(


FirstTimeMom2014  8 years ago
19 dpo and I just lgot a positive pregnancy test.


pipers_mama2909  8 years ago
11 dpo and ive been nauseated and vomiting since 6 dpo. just like with my first child. waiting til 14 dpo to test.


Ankinoo.4  8 years ago
9 dpo feeling like vomiting very strange mouth taste


Hugibear85  8 years ago
8dpo and currently cuddling my bucket...as much as I wanna be pregnant this really isn't fun!


lilymolly10  8 years ago
14 d.p.o af not here vomitting all last night and today


MrsHill  8 years ago
Today 12dpo vomiting at 1230am! Praying this is MS cause I never vomit!


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