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eskimozie  6 years ago
Spontaneous vomit all over my Mother's kitchen sink. Surprise!


oleladywantsababy  7 years ago
pukey for a week now threw up 3x in 3 days....


Bbabbyy  7 years ago
9dpo just threw up my pizza I never throw up ugh




Zuberi_Baby2013  7 years ago
9dpo threw up after eating a salad for lunch.


Rolomomma06  7 years ago
at 19dpo I threw up in the toliet in the morning. I am 20dpo and still negative hpt


Mzmarcie  7 years ago
Not yet and dont want 2 feel this way lol 5dpo


wakeup79  7 years ago
10dpo and im spitting up a lot!


wakeup79  7 years ago
0dpo and no not yet!


mummyjc  7 years ago
no vomiting just queasy 11 dpo


Wanna have baby dust  7 years ago
at 16 dpo...no


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