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inthekitchenmama  2 years ago
think i am 7dpo today and have been feeling extremely nauseous since 3dpo


autumn0428  2 years ago
11dpo and feeling nauseous every morning. Started feeling this way when I was 8 or 9 dpo.


ChiefBrody  2 years ago
10DPO waves of nausea where I have to put my head between my legs until it passes!




B21Adair  2 years ago
5dpo and I feel like if I eat it will immediately come back up. It's coming in waves and it's so miserable.


Desiree 1994  2 years ago
Hungry but every time I go to eat it turns my stomach and I can't eat. And randomly nausea all day on and off for past couple days


Alishacolin.  2 years ago
13 dpi, woke up at 4am with a queasy stomach


Angelmommy721  2 years ago
3 DPO, extreme nausea - has been worsening throughout the day even after putting on pressure point bands


mamax4  2 years ago
8/9dpo woke up today and yesterday feeling nauseous, hungry, but not wanting anything to eat.


Chrissyanne96   3 years ago
18dpo I've been getting queasy after I eat certain foods for the past couple weeks.


mommydreaming  3 years ago
8dpo. Nausea for the past 2 days.


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