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OhBoyOrGirl  3 years ago
13dpo nausea today! BFN on FMU :(


member_58252  4 years ago
The smell of pizza made me wanna throw up


peonies2107  4 years ago
15dpo. Nausea all night I thought I was going to be sick and my stomach is so sore. Dh had flu 3 days ago, so could be that..




mrsboyd2018  5 years ago
8DPO and I have a headache, nauseated and my stomach hurts


TeahLand  5 years ago
Having nausea which results in me vomiting white foam since 10 dpo. Back ache, sweats at the most random times and a feeling of emptiness


PinkLady1972  5 years ago
11dpo waves of nausea throughout the day.. Making me heave.. Bfn Am.. Been having nausea on and off for about a week but has become worse x


Jangie22  5 years ago
13dpo... was very fatigued yesterday evening. Woke up this morning with a sore throat, nausea and vomitting which is very rare for me!


phosphorese  5 years ago
9 DPO... new today... but also I quit coffee yesterday and am really exhausted so it might be from that...


ppolkowske  5 years ago
17 dpo ive been having it for a few weeks now


Ava0505  5 years ago
6dpo severe nausea around lunchtime. Normally am prone to nauseas so hard to tell if pregnancy symptom for me.


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