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Bayleyshea  3 years ago
Twinges/flutters left ovary.


jazmine  3 years ago
Feeling flutters at 6 dpo.


ACSmith12  3 years ago
12 dpo and feeling flutters or bubbles around my uterine lower abdominal area... Praying that's my baby attaching!




April3  3 years ago
Literally felt twinges/fluttering in lower abdomen south of my belly button. Gas? Im 10dpo today.


Baguette  3 years ago
Twinges in ovaries and uteris. Some back cramping. Also a but worried about ectopic pregnancy because can feel in arm. 14dpo


jesuslover4eva  3 years ago
felt flutters / bubbling left side near pelvic bone 2 dpo metallic taste in mouth now at 8 dpo intense cravings and crabbiness.


Bradnwesleysmama424   3 years ago
Feeling sharp pokes on left side of abdomen....10dpo


Mummyonemorexo   4 years ago
In lft side then lower back pain around the after math 123dpo bachache consistent


shawnadelapaz  4 years ago
ever since 5 dpo i have had this it started out with pinching then my whole uterus area felt achey with twinge and sharp stabs now 7dpo same


Burtstequila1st@  4 years ago
Yes's 10 & yes


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