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mamax4  3 years ago
5dpo lots of twinges and bubbly feelings.


kcarro11  3 years ago
Having twinges all day when walking or laying down. 0dpo


omgiacobbi  3 years ago
5dpo I think and having a fluttering feeling in the front of my pelvis. Doesn't feel like gas bubbles.




bella1987  3 years ago
1DPO and feeling slight yet constant twinges and not due for period for another 2 weeks


00kyanne  3 years ago
twinges in pubic hair line area


brittany1990  3 years ago
6DPO and feeling little pricks in my right side of uterus... quick to come and go


kmarlena85  3 years ago
I am wondering if this could be pregnancy or a miscarriage as scary as it is to think about.


kmarlena85  3 years ago
I have been feeling a slight sharp pain in my uterus area as well as in the middle where my belly button is. this is accompanied by bleeding


brittany1990  3 years ago
8 DPO and the past 2 days have been some "twinges" in my left ovary and now in my uterus *praying*


ndoe ndoe  3 years ago
5dpo - exhausted... sharp stabbing pain, maybe an inch above pubic area, 3x today mostly on left side... pain lasts under a min


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