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Low Alcohol Tolerance

Lovenlife7  4 years ago
I am 5 dpo. Last night I had a glass of wine with Hubby, and whoa! I felt like I had drunk the bottle! I have walking nausea today, ugh.


LyssBrooke0926  5 years ago
I’m 1 dpo and Usually 2 8% alcohol drinks get me drunk. I’ve already drank 2. Im not drunk? Could this be an opposite effect with pregnancy


peonies2107  5 years ago
6dpo, drank some red wine (shared a bottle with 3 other ppl) and woke up to a racing heart rate.. it is very unusual.




kryan90  7 years ago
I'm 8dpo but I drank a beer 7dpo and went to bed feeling so sick and today I was nauseous all day


BengaliB  7 years ago
...cont....cut me off. Anyway I meant 1-2 regularly. I usually have high tol. Been getting nausea each time I have 1 drink 3 dys now???


BengaliB  7 years ago
I drink 1/2 glass wine/beer reg. Yesterday I had two 5% apple beer & got so sick. Today 1 glass wine & nausea. Im 9dpo n confused


shazzie86  8 years ago
had a party last night. 7dpo and I can usually drink most men under the table. well I was sick and everything. can't test yet.


mrsluwho  8 years ago


aribaby  8 years ago
I drink same every night was between first and second and felt like it was my third drink. Last two days. 11dpo


Tamsypoo  8 years ago


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