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New or Strange Cravings

kellyhill  52 weeks ago
Got sick eating Chinese food my favorite, and loving taco bell , which I normally don't like. I like Mexican food just not taco bell.


_Pineapple_  1 year ago
11 DPO, craving fruit! Not usual. I’m normally wanting candy/chocolate and chips! Maybe this is my month ????????


miracle77  1 year ago
craving salt, I'm literally licking it off the palm of my hand




Cbinns_89  1 year ago
Around 11dpo been craving burgers but when i eat them i cant stand them and feel sick but i feel the need to eat it.


anniebaby99  3 years ago
Vegetarian and icrave meat


melineejoan  3 years ago
5dpo and I want salsa!!


mrs.delgado  3 years ago
I am 7 dpo and have been craving ramen soups and dried squid and alot of salty stuff. You know that chilli powder for fruits? Pickles!


Lconnolly  3 years ago
Craving coco puffs cereal all day! I haven't had that cereal in years.


member_271152  4 years ago
My craving starts at night. Could not sleep till i get it.


member_271152  4 years ago
4dpo to 10dpo been craving to eats instant noodles and eggs. Today fruits.


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