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Vivid Dreams

Ladychey123  2 years ago
14 dpo- dreamed that I was pregnant last night


OhBoyOrGirl  4 years ago
Having vivid dreams every night since O day. I'm 7dpo


Em1895  4 years ago
Dreamt I was pregnant & I could feel the baby rolling around in my stomach & could see it pushing up on my skin. Then was holding the baby.




member_309568  5 years ago
9 or 10 dpo and having vivid dreams. But also on Zoloft so not sure if that’s the real reason. :/


WaffleQueen27  5 years ago
DPO2, I’ve been having very vivid sexual dreams about my husband! Where I wake up confused as if we actually did it..


Bashbal99  6 years ago
I have a dream that I have a scan done, having quadruple girl in day two of my ovulation


Tsys123  6 years ago
I'm 5dpo and last night I had the most vivid dreams/nightmares. Waking me up all night long!


Diamondlove93   6 years ago
Ive been having random dreams for 2weeks straight i can remember ALL but 2 ...that was truly a first


ecesweetie1983  6 years ago
5dpo/6dpo very vivid dreams about carrying a child and having another c-section. so real!


mamita15  7 years ago
Had a dream that I was holding a positive pregnancy test in my hand while laying in bed.. in shock.. 5dpo


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