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Hot Flashes

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omgiacobbi  4 years ago
Had hot flashes in the middle of the day both 9dpo and today 10dpo


Cbinns_89  4 years ago
Don't know dpo but every night I'm having hot flashes


Mavis82  4 years ago
Felt warm generally but feeling areas of warmth on skin from around 6dpo and today got bfp, a perculiar sign but was a good indication




ggrw104  4 years ago
Hot flush this evening at 6dpo disappeared after a few mins


beaedghill  4 years ago
Are hot flashes and night sweats the same thing?


BlueDoes  4 years ago
had them at 6DPO, 8 DPO, & 10DPO


turbo2008  4 years ago
8 DPO ive had hot flashes last 2 days hoping for my rainbow baby


alysond2009  4 years ago
Just had my first hot flash tonight. All of a sudden my face was burning up and beet red. 12dpo and hoping for bfp soon.


Burtstequila1st@  5 years ago
Yes' not isn't


Mrs.Curiel  5 years ago
I'm 13 days dpo and I've experienced major hot flashes sweat dripping from my back my chest up under my neck and then it ju also quite tired


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