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OhBoyOrGirl  9 months ago
I'm at the end of my cycle, for past few days sleeping alot! Never just stay in bed & do nothing, test BFN I'm bout 15dpo (??)


Francobaby90  2 years ago
14 dpo, super tired. Lower back pain, sore/warm breast. Bfn on like 5 hpt. Wish if I wasn't pg Af would show up, so I could hurry up and O.


Divakt  3 years ago
Exhausted alot for the past week, nap during the day and still ready to lay down at 9pm




amcafee94  3 years ago
I'm 18 dpo and I am constantly tired. No matter how much sleep I get, I'm still extremely exhausted.


HaileySpencerxoxo  3 years ago
4 dpo: Getting 8-10 hours of sleep, Still exhausted. So tired that when I come home from work at 7 my eyes are already burning...


porsiad  3 years ago
6 dpo I've been exhausted the past couple days. Not feeling any other abnormal symptoms.


SeyChelle  3 years ago
19 DPO Completely drained of energy even after taking 3 vitamins 2 of them prenatal. Test time 4 sure.


Reneayv  4 years ago
feeling so tired, headache and slightly dizzy. Tested at 7DPO with BFN. Fingers crossed as we are 4 weeks off first IVF cycle


eskimozie  4 years ago
4 DPO. So sleepy that I dozed of at work. I'm getting 6 or 7 hours of sleep at night so there's no reason for it.


PrenderEM  4 years ago
7dpo here. I really dont feel much different than non-conceiving cycles. I do notice I am more tired than usual and my hands are sweatier.


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