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Divakt  6 months ago
Exhausted alot for the past week, nap during the day and still ready to lay down at 9pm


amcafee94  8 months ago
I'm 18 dpo and I am constantly tired. No matter how much sleep I get, I'm still extremely exhausted.


HaileySpencerxoxo  9 months ago
4 dpo: Getting 8-10 hours of sleep, Still exhausted. So tired that when I come home from work at 7 my eyes are already burning...




porsiad  9 months ago
6 dpo I've been exhausted the past couple days. Not feeling any other abnormal symptoms.


SeyChelle  10 months ago
19 DPO Completely drained of energy even after taking 3 vitamins 2 of them prenatal. Test time 4 sure.


Reneayv  10 months ago
feeling so tired, headache and slightly dizzy. Tested at 7DPO with BFN. Fingers crossed as we are 4 weeks off first IVF cycle


eskimozie  11 months ago
4 DPO. So sleepy that I dozed of at work. I'm getting 6 or 7 hours of sleep at night so there's no reason for it.


PrenderEM  12 months ago
7dpo here. I really dont feel much different than non-conceiving cycles. I do notice I am more tired than usual and my hands are sweatier.


Joyaustine9972  12 months ago
13dpo am feeling tired,pains on nipples,breast is heavy,feelin dizzy,vomiting


Vickylovesjohn86   12 months ago
I'm 11dpo still bfn.... just feel like I have no energy lately


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