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Anxious/On Edge

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Leleuluv25  11 years ago
Irriatable but at times very anxious


engineerchica98  11 years ago
anxiety is in overdrive


thamaraisk  11 years ago
i am feeling really anxious as if i am on a edge...dont know if it means anything,7dpo!!




Guest  11 years ago
i have been so anxious and irritable!


Guest  11 years ago
I didn't know this was a symptom either! I've been so anxious for the past few days!


keelia  11 years ago
wow i didnt know that could be a symptom, i thought it was just my anxietys kicking up but this is different


Firefighters wifey  12 years ago
10 DPO and I just feel shakey..Like my nerves are crawling around..Wierd. Like I haven't eaten all day...But I have!


Guest  12 years ago
I am wigging out! LOL....Help somebody


Guest  12 years ago
Just started 10dpo and I am trying desperately to not crawl out of my skin


Guest  12 years ago
started on 13dpo


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