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Gennasmommy  7 years ago
11 and 12 DPO, really anxious, have that nervous feeling in my stomach like something big is happening. Shaky like too much coffee.


amyiris4  7 years ago
10 dpo, I have insomnia and feel anxious/ on edge


redhead1981  7 years ago
I'm 15 dpo, we just took a weekend trip. I was jumpy the whole trip, but I'm usually very trustiing of his driving. Weird or normal?




wakeup79  8 years ago
I cant take the 2ww, its killing me! Ive cried today, bought more test etc!!


wakeup79  8 years ago
0dpo and yes I feel this way!! Keeping my fingers crossed! #ttc


mummyjc  8 years ago
im moody emotional and as if i can feel my heart pounding 11 dpo


Babywishing123  8 years ago
Just can't settle and relaxxxxxx lol


Skiut2006  8 years ago
I am day 11dpo and this weekend we went out of town. Every car that passed I freaked out!


Bfringer  8 years ago
I feel like a bear. Super mood. Always anxious and angry. Dpo8


LoupyMoo  8 years ago
Can't shake this feeling, strange to sit still and my hands won't stop shaking in nervousness. :/


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