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Bfringer  5 years ago
I feel like a six year old throwing a temper tantrum. Dpo8


babyfootsteps2014  5 years ago
My goodness I am so glad to see this...I thought it was just me but I am sooo irritable with people especially DH.


990mommy  5 years ago
8 dpo andready for.peopl to jus shut up and leave me alone




laceymyaalayah  6 years ago
8dpo, been extremely irritable with DH & DD's then hug & apologize right after,for about 4-5 days now....ugh!!!???


Lopez117  6 years ago
Very Very irritated!!!! Little things are very irritating, I feel bad for my hubby lol *Crossing fingers*


mscmarks  6 years ago
9&10 dpo I want to scream, I'm snapping at everyone and I want everyone to go away


Laurenjaye  6 years ago
I'm 11dpo and I just want to scream I feel so irritable.


lilbutbad  6 years ago
wanted to leave. Even people talking irritated me!


lilbutbad  6 years ago
The smalles things irritated today. While at a restaurant someone at another table was crunching on his chips and it bugged me so bad that


PinkLady22  6 years ago
SO BEYOND IRRITATED! Told my fiancé to not come home. lol. Oh boy..please let us be pregnant.


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