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jesuslover4eva  3 years ago
I'm so angry today that we have to pay for stuff that we shouldn't like renewing license. 8dpo


grace2604  3 years ago
Super crabby, irritable, angry. No idea what's causing this. ugh!


kitchenmagic  4 years ago
9dpo Exhausted, moody, runny nose, crampy. where's my sex drive?




Burtstequila1st@  4 years ago
Yes's 10 & yes


aribaby  4 years ago
11 and 12 dpo later in the day I got very mad at fiance then next day walked my dog and wanted to explode


oldermum42  4 years ago
irritable cramping nauseuos after coffee yellow ewcm x


p2011185  4 years ago
9dpo just ready irritable


mrsclearskies  4 years ago
8dpo: I just blew up at my husband for no reason whatsoever. :X


Jasmine1993  4 years ago
I believe I am 6dpo, everything, everything bothers me.


Bangaram  4 years ago
Horribly moody, extremely irritable


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