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Burtstequila1st@  7 years ago
Yes's 10 & yes


chooshoos  7 years ago
4dp a 5db FET not sure what this is dpo - but seriously moody the last couple of days


nikolee_  7 years ago
15dpo cried out of nowhere today? weird...




sarahruthttc#1  7 years ago
yes this past cycle has been difficult,ive had a moment where ive just wanted to give up on everything!!!


oryx2009  7 years ago
Had enough!!


Crystal44  8 years ago
this morning I was extremely happy by 6 I was B on wheels now I wanna cry omg


wakeup79  8 years ago
10dpo just a little.


wakeup79  8 years ago
9dpo and im all over the place. I feel prego than i dont!! Testing in the morning!


wakeup79  8 years ago
9dpo very moody, hubby says go back on birth control bc im losing it!!!


wakeup79  8 years ago
0dpo and yes I feel this way!! Keeping my fingers crossed! #ttc


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