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I Don't 'Feel' Pregnant

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Mrs.Jerome  9 years ago
11dpo...Ive been feeling in and out this month


Msitcudhappen  9 years ago
was feeling out so took a pg test BFN but i knew it wuld be! just feeling out a bit..


Guest  9 years ago
was feeling positive; thought i seen lines on IC's but now i'm not so sure and feel like i'm out. I'm 8/9dpo




nena31  9 years ago
4dpo, feeling very emotional and on I don't quite feel like myself.


laurenfox2  9 years ago
Yesterday I was feeling more like I could possibly be pregnant--but today I feel that is not at all the case. Hmm.


tassiebaby  10 years ago
7dpo, just feeling normal luteal phase symptoms, feeling a bit down as it's the 6th cycle trying


naysmommy  10 years ago
had chemical last mo with symptoms, this cycle no symptoms so feel out and vry depressed :(


Leleuluv25  10 years ago
More sensative then usual emotionally


Guest  10 years ago
i feel sad, still hoping for a BFP


Guest  10 years ago
senstive left nipple, but that's it. I feel out too!


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