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I Don't 'Feel' Pregnant

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mammammia  9 years ago
i felt out when i concieved my daughter. funny how that haooens. i waited until i was 21dpo bc i really didn't think i was!


bella78  9 years ago
I know im out, although I did feel pregnant a few days back, but boobs and everything feel normal now and twinges seem very AF like now.


Guest  9 years ago
I am Almost 2 weeks late .. i feel out this month i dont know if its because iam pregnant or maybe iam not what do you suggest i do?




Mrs.porter  9 years ago
I'm 9dpo, we weren't TTC, I've had multiple symptoms (smell, flutters, nausea, cramps, tender breasts, headaches), but I still feel out.


stokesy3  9 years ago
Had no definite +OPK's this month so not even sure I ovulated! Just can't wait for this cycle to be over so we can start afresh!


mommyofthree  9 years ago
have had dull cramps from day 4 or 5dpo and now I'm on day 9dpo and still have them and feeling out this month. Why cramps for so long!


carilynn92  9 years ago
hoping i'm pregnant but have that feeling of "I'm probably not."


Guest  9 years ago
I have been emotional and am 7dpo feeling tired in the am w. Tingling in breasts.. Feels like a sting,letdown never felt until 3/4 dys ago


lharri0209  9 years ago
My breasts are tender, I have nausea after eating, and have cramps on and off. Tests say BFN and I am so confused.


Guest  9 years ago
6dpo, and I've felt in and out of a "I'm pregnant!" frame of mind. Felt more confident 2-4dpo.


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