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I Don't 'Feel' Pregnant

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rynnnkle  8 years ago
14DPO , tested on 8-10DPO and didn't get anything back, too scared to test again b4 AF due (tomorrow) b/c i'm depressed when I see the BFN


bszymanski  8 years ago
i am between 9-13dpo and i have had almost every symptom. on minute i feel pregnant the next i feel out


tiffiebug  8 years ago
I felt OUT from 7-10dpo. I just KNEW I wasn't pregnant... but I also did this every other time I was actually pregnant!! Got my BFP 11dpo!




blindfaith5  8 years ago
just all those little symptoms I had seemed momentary. Now I just just feel really hungry all the time and not much else


clairetux  8 years ago
4DPO, had 3 mc and felt pregnant with all of them. Don't feel PG at all this cycle, gonna def give up after this cycle.


:.Gen.ttc.#2.:  8 years ago
Feeling its not it my cycle days are 9-22dpo its 26dpo no hard evidence symptoms :/


sookoo  8 years ago
no strong signs/symptoms of preg!! fell out this month,4th month TTC on clomid AF due tomorrow/day after!! Disappointed :(


jmurphyball  8 years ago
I've had brown CM since 7 DPO, had red spotting on 11 DPO, and now I'm extremely gassy and moody. I think I'm out, now where is AF?!


yojetski  8 years ago


binkibdatqt4skii  8 years ago
symptoms: stuffy nose, tired, moody 50/50, want more symptoms:), not feeling them, incereased CM, next cycle please..


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