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I Don't 'Feel' Pregnant

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MariaMulh13  7 years ago
This is my 2nd month trying and I'm already willing to give up due to the emotional/stress I feel. It's more of a tantrum then anything else


mrssuz2014  7 years ago
9/10 dpo bfn and feel totally out :-(


SueEmmaFinElla  7 years ago
10 DPO and feeling so bloated and crampy, I just feel like AF is coming and I'm so bummed. Our timing was perfect this month too.




ollee91412  7 years ago
8DPO felt in 2DPO - 6DPO felt in now I definitely feel out


vee1012  7 years ago
6dpo and just can't shake the feeling it may not be it


Kellynicole  7 years ago
I'm 6 DPO and had a sore throat/cold yesterday and today. I'm 99% positive I'm out this month. Just not feeling it.


babyhopes3xx  7 years ago
im 4 dpo and all month i have felt im out i have some symtoms but i just really think it isnt going to happen


junebug164  7 years ago
currently only about 4dpo, i just feel out. this is our 18th month ttc, and even though our timing was fantastic, im feeling super down :(


lyn-p18  7 years ago
I am 10dpo but from 3dpo to 8dpo felt pregnant, was adamant now suddenly no symptoms :(


missinmybabe  8 years ago
i got a bfn with 2 hpts,cd30,i know im pregnant


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