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I Don't 'Feel' Pregnant

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wakeup79  6 years ago
10dpo and i feel out! ð??©


wakeup79  6 years ago
9dpo and i felt out earlier. I cried to my hubby he said stop testing!! Not 2 mention were on vacation!! #2wwkiller


Aparker21  6 years ago
4dpo and i still feel unlike myself. i'm not sure if i'm pregnant or not so i have to wait till the 9th next month to see.




wakeup79  6 years ago
2/3dpo and I feel out....I had some cramps late laast night but not many. They stopped completly. My breasst are not as tingly as yesterday.


wakeup79  6 years ago
0dpo no not yet!!


mummyjc  6 years ago
i keeping thinking to myself im out this month feel down about when i think about it im 11 dpo


kaitlynparks94  6 years ago
I remember at 6 dpo I was telling myself "man I feel out this month!!"


Mrzromar337  6 years ago
10 dpo i feel out and i never tested


pipers_mama2909  7 years ago
feeling totally bummed. supposed to test tomorrow but may not. this is my first month and i already feel very bummed and depressed. 13 dpo


Sharz17  7 years ago
Feeling out, feels like AF is coming:(


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