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I Don't 'Feel' Pregnant

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Brwnskn26tx  6 years ago
bloated, yellow sticky cm, neg tests 15dpo


Amiornot74  6 years ago
Other than cramps for the past week now I still feel out this monthð???


Bubbles072013  6 years ago
I just don't feel preggers @ all AF due tomorrow




Cazza1987  6 years ago
7DPO and not even a faint line, I feel out :(


Ellie123  6 years ago
8dpo and I feel out


SpringRain  6 years ago
I feel out this month, neg hcg on cheapie test @ 11dpo


k1bblez  6 years ago
had a lot of cramping yesterday, which felt like AF, along with pain in the cervix. I feel out, 8dpo.


Fountainous  6 years ago
12 do and i feel out even though past weekly I've had crazily symptoms for the first time.


Baby4Noelle  6 years ago
5 dpo and I already feel out :(


BeccaBee224  6 years ago
17 dpo... 3 days late, no AF, and BFN on VeriQuick (Dollar Tree). No major symptoms but temp is still high. I don't know what to think...


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