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I 'Feel' Pregnant

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Kelley2  10 years ago
I have definitely been feeling pregnant this past week. Sore throat, fatigue,heavy-veiny bbs.However, at 11dpo and now I feel more myself :/


maybemommy22  10 years ago
12 dpo and I really just feel pregnant..its like I can sense the baby..going to test in a few days


breezy1992  10 years ago
10dpo I starting feeling pregnant yesterday. I took a test and it was neg. gonna test again in a few days. hope to see a pos this time!.




Beegee12  11 years ago
i feel pregnant and i also get alot of symptoms.


zareesha1  11 years ago
im feeling little worried. im 11dpo there is presure cramping in lwr abdmn. im jst lookng 4 pstve rsults pray 4 me.


mrs.maguire10  11 years ago
Often after ovulation I hope and pray that I am pregnant but this time, I don't know. I just feel pregnant.


sophi2013  11 years ago
7DPO i just feel pregnant, i am so tired and feel sick but happy at the same time


TakeAChancexx  11 years ago
Cd32 no af, cervix high hard closed, clear cm! Dpo18, testing today <3


jissandra  11 years ago
i feel as if i have butterflies in my stomach .. it just doesnt feel the same .


nc_mom_of_2_girls  11 years ago
I'm 12 dpo and I've been feeling pregnant since 1 dpo. I just feel something there...


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