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I 'Feel' Pregnant

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elaughng  10 years ago
It dawned on my at 5dpo that I was sure the process had started had cramps almost 2 weeks before af and just new.


lucky24  10 years ago
i feel pregnant from 8dpo...so bloated :(


NellaHalls  10 years ago
Im 8 dpo and feel exhausted, sick, crampy, emotional and just feel pegnant. Dont want to get hopes up though because felt like this before.




madamastyx  10 years ago
I really think I'm pregnant, I feel like I've never felt before and my breasts feel so odd, hurting in places the never have. 14dpo


anitalia  10 years ago
4po. First faint positive today. I know it's ear


Tiffany2  10 years ago
Heavy chest, tubercles, and cramping as well as a little moody. Slight fatigue, but barely worth noting.


JessieH26  10 years ago
I'm 10dpo and feel pregnant


mahle82  10 years ago
lot of symptoms


2bebilabs  10 years ago
i feel pregnant and i get lot of symptoms!!!


Lolo1176  10 years ago
I feel like I am PG because all symptoms seem to line up...already took 2 HPT's and got BFN but still no AF gonna take another this weekend.


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