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I 'Feel' Pregnant

peonies2107  5 years ago
I'm 14 dpo: pinch feeling 9-14dpo, dull back cramp 9-11dpo, sore/swollen breast 13-14dpo .. based on those, I hope for no af tmr!


anniebaby99  6 years ago
5 dpo, I feel pregnant my body feels different


Xfairykissx  7 years ago
8 dpo and I had implantation cramping all day yesterday. I also started feeling a lot of the early PG symptoms. Feels stronger today.




Nin of Eden  7 years ago
10dpo: certainly never felt anything like I have over the past week!


Jules2121  7 years ago
5dpo, I started to feel pregnant a few days after. Sounds silly given implantation hasnt even occured yet but its more of an intuition!


Kyky1995  7 years ago
7 DPO. Yes, experiencing many odd early pregnancy symptoms that I'm reading


Sassyttc  7 years ago
I've felt it since 2dpo. I think it's because I'm so intuned with my body. We're ttc 2yrs now and I finally took Fertomid. 9dpo but I know


Meep100  8 years ago
Yes. I feel it since a few days, feeling is getting stronger...at 14 dpo today


Rose1230  8 years ago
Yes, I just "feel pregnant"


Rose1230  8 years ago
Yes, I just "feel pregnant"


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