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Darkening Areola

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tbug05  7 years ago
Well...not really red...but they are


tbug05  7 years ago
I am 9 DPO and I am noticing the my nipples are really PERKY! Will not go down. And really dark pink...almost red.


Guest  8 years ago
i have taken test and they were all negg but last month i noticed my nipples went from pink to a brown but not dark brown




Guest  8 years ago
dark aerolas spreading purky nipples


dianibabyy  8 years ago
10 dpo areloa looks purple and look wider


deejayy53  8 years ago
I am on week 3 after missed period and iv noticed my nipples got darker in the past day or two.


Mrs.Jerome  8 years ago
11dpo...I think I notice the darkness


nena31  8 years ago
16dpo, darkening of both areola's


nena31  8 years ago
4dpo, my nipples are darker in color and the areola is a dark purplish tint


Beccamom38  8 years ago
6 dpo and noticing my areola is spreading a bit larger and the bumps look bigger.


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