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Darkening Areola

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sarahkr  7 years ago
hi, i'm new on here, my names sarah, i think i'm 4dpo? i feel hot and cold, fuzzy head, period pains and very horrible thick heavy cm? xx


doselawendy2012  7 years ago
tbursday morningwent to the bathroom had brown mucus n no changes yet


maybe-baby18  7 years ago
im only 6dpo today. maybe slightly darker areolas.. but nothing substantially noticable.. boobs been SUPER sore since 4 dpo.




mummyread  7 years ago
7dpo hubby described my nipples as looking like targets haha! waiting to find out if its an AF ir PG symptom


megan22  8 years ago
A little darker areola, i just noticed today which is the 19th day past ovulation. this is new.


LudoLeviLovr  8 years ago
22 DPO, no darkening areola, but slightly sensitive breasts.


tashacolemen1  8 years ago
I am 11dpo and I have not notice any dareken of my areola..I afraid I may not be pregnant because you guys are only 5 and 9dpo and I am 11dp


Guest  8 years ago
5 dpo and my areola are darken and they have a pimple look the bumps aroung the nipple changed from a couple to like 12


laquana  8 years ago
I'm 9dpo, Darker aerolas with more little bumps like little pimples with white heads to them and purky, itchy, senative


tbug05  8 years ago
SORRY!! Not really "red" but they are def "darker" and WAY PERKY!


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