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Darkening Areola

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Keshanicole  5 years ago
9dpo and I've just noticed today this dark ring around my areola.. My breast has been sore since 6dpo


wakeup79  5 years ago
0dpo not yet!! #ttc


Babywishing123  5 years ago
YES! already getting rounder/bigger and a tad darker




rawrimagiant  5 years ago
turned in the mirror and noticed the outer ring of the areola was darker on both bs, and on right bb I have mont's tuberacles. TTC#2! ;D


DelissaMennis  6 years ago
I am 15dpo with no BFP yet. noticed a darker color of my nipples and much more noticable veins.


Motherduck12  6 years ago
Darker nipples today increasing daily


madamastyx  6 years ago
Lots of blue/green veins on my chest and boobs, bigger and darker areolas, more tight as well, 9dpo


Skent1987  6 years ago
im 8DPO darker aerolas and much bigger boobs and itchy nipples also blue veins on them


hammerhead  6 years ago
noticed 7dpo


zainapa  6 years ago
tired ,darken earola,


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