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Breasts Feel Heavy or Full

peonies2107  2 years ago
Boobs have been feeling bigger and full and sore for the past couple of days..maybe since 5/6dpo.. bought a bra a cup size bigger and it fit


peonies2107  2 years ago
Dull/mild back cramp 9-11dpo, and lower right ovary dull cramp/pinching that is constant from 9-13dpo (today) + heavy boobs starting 12dpo


OhBoyOrGirl  2 years ago
11dpo~ So sore, full, heavy big, & burning, itchy. Side pain too. Started 9dpo with burning sensation..




S&EGonzo  3 years ago
DPO 14 and my bra size has jumped up from a 38D to a 40DD.


thencomesbebe  3 years ago
10dpo full and heavy breasts


porsiad  3 years ago
10 dpo, breast have been tender, full and heavy the past few days, but today they feel engorged. Feel like I need to breast feed.


member_58252  3 years ago
I have no idea when i ovulated but i know im late bloated bbs r heavy full get tingly once a ehile and i can feel urterus


Munachi  3 years ago


Mama Dee  3 years ago
11 Dpo and my bbs have been sore since 3dpo. Went up an entire cup size and they HURT. They usually hurt til AF tho. babydust to all!


Vwirkkala11  3 years ago
7 dpo, heavy feeling, sore breasts


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