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Tingling Breasts

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MonaTTC77  8 years ago
I have been experincing this since 5DPO, I am 6DPO today and also got a yellow EWCM


Oasis717  8 years ago
7dpo a tingling feeling all around the nipple area.


Reenie03  8 years ago
11 Dpo :)




Reenie03  8 years ago
Breasts feeling like when they are full of milk and leaking (after baby, breast feeding).


SUNNYLAUGHTER  8 years ago
12 DPO -They are tingling, heavy and full. It almost feels like they are being worked on from the inside with a small jack hammer.


little*miss*cloete  8 years ago
I'm not sure what it is but it feels like every once in a while something runs in them, but they are consistently itchy...darkening slightly


Kakkie  8 years ago
13 dpo and my nipples are tingling.


Stallbaby  8 years ago
11dpo and my nipples are very itchy - it also happend on 4dpo


mommytez  8 years ago
5dpo and had tingling breasts this morning have gave very tender/sensitive nipples which have remained hard and slightly bigger since 1dpo


OnceUponAgain13  8 years ago
Yes I am...its like they get extremely hard and start to tingle and have a weird sensation


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