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Sensitive Breasts

Niiquelove  1 year ago
ugh so sore !


Akageorge  1 year ago
Approximately 4DPO and my breasts are on fire. As in radiating heat.


Tina Bodunde   2 years ago
1 day dpo. Breasts are so sore. Mainly around my nipples. And my nipples are purple




kreep13  2 years ago
10 dpo (4 days til af) and my breast just now feel sore. usually they get sore 2 wks before af sometimes even from O to af. so it's weird...


AgiBerg  3 years ago
6 dpo - breast sensitive for the second or third day. Pain in underarms, outer sides of the breast and sensitive nipples.


Nika1208  3 years ago
1dpo slight throbbing


mspayne0809  4 years ago
itchy and tingly feeling 9dpo


wakeup79  4 years ago
0dpo and I and I felt a little uncomfortable but nothing serious!! #ttc


KGlasgow  4 years ago
Sensitive and tingly at 11 DPO. Not as bad today- been 3 days now.


maplestone  4 years ago
Breast aren't as sensitive as they normally are... But getting a pinching feeling all day... Not normal for me (13 dpo I think)


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