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Tender Breasts (Underarms)

anniebaby99  9 months ago
At 2 dpo I felt tenderness


Rubicon007  1 year ago
breasts sore under arms, only to the touch


Hope1216  1 year ago
10 DPO achy under arms into breasts took test and BFN maybe feeling crampy too...




theother browndrankT  1 year ago
5dpo and underarm breasts area is so sore and I've got 44E breasts


Megsican26  1 year ago
8 dpo and extremely sore breast under my arms. After 3 chemical pregnancies, I hope this is the one!


Reddlauren  1 year ago
11dpo underarm and breast tenderness


Reddlauren  1 year ago
yes underarm and breast pain tender to the touch


mamax4  1 year ago
6dpo this has been happening off and on since 4dpo but stronger and more consistent today.


CaroL83  1 year ago
10 dpo. I've had throbbing pain in both breasts. I've also had the burning sensation on our part by armpit. Never had these pains before AF.


Alishacolin.  1 year ago
Wow, 11dpo, touched breast under arm and it's sore, more and more signs of pregnancy everyday!! :D


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