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Breasts (Stabbing Pain)

lchepurko96  1 year ago
It's been happening for the past week. I am currently 13 dpo


OhBoyOrGirl  1 year ago
11dpo stabbing or needle pricking only on right nipple weriod I never get that! ????


orchid249er  1 year ago
3-4dpo stabbing pains in right breast only for 2 days now. Both breasts are already sore and tender. Usually don't get that for another week




hope0418  1 year ago
10dpo stabbing pains. With both my other two pregnancies this was the only reason I knew I was pregnant. BFN today


Happyelle  1 year ago
I think 7DPO, full and stabbing pains! Along with stabbing pains in armpit


MissShorty0312  1 year ago
Mild Stabing Pain On My Left Breast Today Is That Normal?


Lconnolly  2 years ago
9dpo Weird stabbing pain in left breast but more so on the side, not around the nipple. Is that normal?


GinaBina  2 years ago


jayjenny  2 years ago
10 dpo


jgoods  2 years ago
Right breast has stabbing pain almost feels like milk duct pain.


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