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Guest  8 years ago
12 DPO.. just started experiencing it today


Guest  8 years ago
5,6, & 7 DPO


starbaby#2  9 years ago
only 4 dpo and constipated anyone else?




Super_sally888  9 years ago
I've been constipated since DPO2! Way too early to experience this. Now DPO8! Am hopeful, though.


Guest  9 years ago
5 dpo and I'm constipated, and normally when I have to go I go


nena31  9 years ago
4dpo, since I ovulated on 6/9 I have had a tough time going to the bathroom. hurts my lower abs to push to go.


Guest  9 years ago
I am in my IUI cycle, I am 6 dpo and had constipation this morning. This is new. Constipation happened the day I did my IUI also.


miasmum  9 years ago
10 days past n 4 the last 3 i have struggled sorry lol


fourthdownlastqtr  9 years ago
consipation is unusual for me have been this way since 10dpo af is not here yet


CloudNine  9 years ago
4dpo, new symptom, very unusual for normally loose stools


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