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Guest  8 years ago
I had gas on Monday, I haven't been to the loo in 4 days! I'm only due for AF next Monday.


laquana  8 years ago
I didn't have a bowl movement in 4 days omg finally I went on 8dpo and i had constipation, it was so uncomfortable. 9dpo i have lots of gas


J_Ma2012  8 years ago
15dpo... just experienced (tmi, sorry)... Haven't gone in two days




keepitcute  8 years ago
6 dpo n havent gone but once today


Precioust  8 years ago
Well im not sure but i get loose bm jus befor af sorry tmi


Guest  8 years ago
on 6dpo AM, only once


crissylove11  8 years ago
Aye aye!! Very new to me so hoping its a good thing. Its sooo uncomfortable. Have no idea what DPO. Day 20 in a 28-30 day cycle


ojrox2009  8 years ago
5dpo and i tried to up my fruit and veggies but nothing is working! Not ok to not go in 3 days!! one more week n pregnancy testing!


babiesrme  8 years ago
Yes! So uncomfortable. I never have this problem. DPO 13


NATESWOMAN2011  8 years ago
Not necessarily constipated but not regular and finding it hard to actually relax enough to go. 13 dpo and hoping!


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