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gatorj  7 years ago
I'm 11dpo and everything has just stopped!! Lol I'm laughing at reading these posts but I *never* get constipation !!!!


Teenmommy22  7 years ago
At 4 dpo I wa at work an suddenly just felt so much pain from constipation! I Never get constipated!!


Chevybog5  7 years ago
Constipated from 2-6dpo finally went like 6 times n a row. Still bloated and gassy. Extra hungry. Stuffy nose, lower back pain






katjimmy  7 years ago
I'm 4 DPO & am breaking out the prunes tonight lol, so much pressure already down there without the poop!


emayemm  8 years ago
im 3dpo and ive been full of bubbly, gas, constipation.


invisibleangel  8 years ago
has anyone gone #2 like 4 times in one day after being gassy 7,8,9 dpo?


emmamcxo  8 years ago
constipated3-4days, full of gas


Guest  8 years ago
I'm constipated gassy have sore nipples cramping idk if I'm pregnant or not


Guest  8 years ago
i've been constipated for 3 days now, my breasts and nipples have been tender, I've been having every symptom of pregnancy took a test /nega


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