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AliciaGaletm  9 years ago
i have constipation im 6 dpo. i hope i get my bfp.


hodgeslangdon  9 years ago
11dpo constipated i was ok before that hmm ill see. dont like to get my hopes up


Crystalwood  9 years ago
dpo8 Im still everyday its just really hard




Guest  9 years ago
I'm 15 dpo and I've been feeling this way since about 9 dpo there can be no other explanation cause I'm pretty regular.


Guest  9 years ago
CD 26..been constipated for 1 week,..i never get constipated;hope this is it!!


Guest  9 years ago
7dpo and i've being constipated since yesterday, coffee typically helps me use the loo every morning but does'nt seem to be working any lon


Guest  9 years ago
5 DPO. Constipated for the last 3 days. Feeling miserable. Better get a BFP!!!


Guest  9 years ago
I can't even push, excessive constipation


boriquaqueen  9 years ago
12 dpo meee tooo dnt dare push either!!! feel my cervix comeing down... ewwww


jennyland  10 years ago
CD 24, 9-12 dpo & I've been constipated for the past 9 days!


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