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Strong Smelling Urine

Jamie5145  1 year ago
If this decreases the chances then why is this a symptom? This site is odd.


Jessesgirl910   4 years ago
So gross! This was my first real sign. I’ll even wait a sec b4 leavin a stall to spare the next person from my funk. Lol


Libby7195  5 years ago
At 8 dpo I noticed this weird strong smell. Way different than UTI or anything else.




WildFlower3  5 years ago
5dpo smelled a the most bizarre urine odor. Never smelled off in my life & this almost made me gag. Can't identify what it smells like.


mamax4  5 years ago
7dpo urine small of strong coffee this morning. I don't drink coffee.


member_271152  5 years ago
Urine looks normal in color but smell strong of the things I ate earlier everyday. From 4dpo to today 11dpo


Rjsgirl1216  6 years ago


MakingBabyLyons  6 years ago
7 DPO and my pee smells like chicken broth/soup but it wasn't very dark.


abbysmadre  6 years ago
I am 10 dpo and have been noticing my urine is much stronger smelling. almost like i drank too much coffee but all im drinking is water


TishaAmer  6 years ago
Saturday7/9/16 clear light yellow/clear....Sunday 7/10/16 dark almost brown..still is today..hmmm


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