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Frequent Urination

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blackrose55  7 years ago
11 dpo and i pee so much ugg could it be i maybe a prenant


jodi4903  7 years ago
I'm 10DPO and today I've peed over 11 times. I was even worried I had a UTI, but it doesn't hurt! Didn't even think this could be a symptom!


Mzmarcie  7 years ago
5dpo and have this evry now and then




Autumn22  7 years ago
5dpo, just began having it yesterday, about 2 hrs apart usually. very thirsity yet going very little. was told no UTI. This is a new symptom


shedalovebabies  7 years ago
have been peeing a lot since 4DPO n now am 6DPO and still having d urge 2 pee more .


antina4  7 years ago
13 dpo


Kooper  7 years ago
2dpo been to loo 7 times in the last 3 hours. Seems ridiculous .


Sarahdvs  7 years ago
Is it normal to be needing to go to the bathroom at 7 dpo??????


sunrisefarmergirl  7 years ago
6 DPO and pee'd 10 times from 6:30am to 5pm :-O


wakeup79  7 years ago
0dpo and yes I have this one!!


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