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Frequent Urination

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Celtic Viking  6 years ago
12DPO full bladder every half hour! No sleep last night for peeing!


juanita78  6 years ago
bout 1-2 dpo, noticed frequent peeing tonight..i havent really drank alot


Jrosen8  6 years ago
About 14dpo: peeing 1-2 times an hour! Doesn't feel like a UTI. BFN yesterday.




Babygirl329622003  6 years ago
5dpo been having to pee like crazy since 3dpo and it has not eased up and its not UTI


xoxokatiee17  6 years ago
13 dpo can't stop peeing. every time i gotta go im running to the bathroom !


Journeytobabybricker  6 years ago
14 dpo - been peeing like crazy! went before lunch and then 40 min later i had to pee so bad it hurt!


mrsclearskies  6 years ago
2dpo: can't stop peeing! This is really unusual for me.


jaky_padr0916  6 years ago
from 3dpo-6dpo waking up really early in the morning wanting to pee bad usually doesn't happen


Kbachour93  6 years ago
I'm 4 DPO and have been peeing like crazy all day, it doesn't hurt like a UTI, i just feel crazy cause it's so early!


tamdj88  6 years ago
12dpo. Needed the loo more frequent since 8dpo. Go more often but less urine comes out. Guess it could be uti


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