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Frequent Urination

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mrspena88  5 years ago
8 dpo and the frequent urination hit me today


Mommygirl  5 years ago
9dpo, I have peed a million times today. Even hubby said "are you pregnant?"


lyndz04  5 years ago
14dpo gone pee 7 times before noon! experiencing all the top ten symptoms. trying to not get my hopes up yet.




Poobaby  5 years ago
12 dpo my bladder stay full allday. Period due in 2 days. Negative pregnancy test. Bloated for the whole week a few cramps.smell alot


kreep13  5 years ago
kind of feels like I have a uti. you know that gotta pee feeling even after you pee...


destined2be  5 years ago
9 DPO and I feel like I am running to the bathroom for the last two days. It's pretty uncomfortable!


jjowol  5 years ago
I am 6dpo, providing that the calculations are correct (I have PCOS). had mild cramp like feelings a few days ago and ALOT of urination.


scook14  5 years ago
10dpo and i need to go wee more than usual and fill wet


Jessakita101  5 years ago
Yes. Started at 10dpo and I am now 12 DPO. Still haven't tested.


Burtstequila1st@  5 years ago
Yes's 10' & no


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