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Frequent Urination

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Kaileettc  4 years ago
10dpo never been one to pee very much, but since about 6dpo, I've been needing to pee about 3-4 times an hour. last night I peed 3 times/45m


iFeiKo  4 years ago
11 DPO, started peeing like crazy. Feels sick, maybe it's not good and has no relation to tww.


member_271152  4 years ago
Peed 5 or more times a day since 4dpo. Now I'm 11dpo.




katie061815  4 years ago
15dpo. Been peeing every 2 hrs. Not drinking much


lrogers03  4 years ago
started 3dpo


NewMama   4 years ago
12dpo. Twice in 3hours and haven't had any water.


Bekah21  4 years ago
15 dpo noticible difference peeing like when I'm super hydrated


MissesO  4 years ago
12 dpo and got up to pee maybe 5 times overnight.


Kyky1995  5 years ago
7 DPO and YES. Frequent URGENT Urination


VeronicaPaz  5 years ago
I'm on my 10th pee


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