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7 days past ovulation

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Ade386  1 year ago
No other symptoms except itchy boobs/nipples.


ALC1998  1 year ago
the only thing i've had is vivid dreams like really vivid i've had dreams about my bf dying and dreams that i'm pregnant


shanta77  1 year ago
no symptoms....




msallaz  1 year ago
I've had light cramping, sore and itchy boobs, fatigue and gas


kreep13  1 year ago
I dunno what is going on but I have severe pinching (almost feels like nerves) in my left pelvic area


Jharper0811  1 year ago
Cramps, exhausted and my boobs are very sore. Negative test.. ( know it's to early but I just had too)


Canthelpbutwait  1 year ago
7dpo sore nipples, shooting pain in stomach, gas, constipation. Hope I’m pregnant ! Wish me luck


joe2017  1 year ago
ive had pms symptoms yesterday and light spotting today hopefully this is a sign ov pregnancy on 7dpo


Annique3  1 year ago
bloating, gas, tired, dizzy, right ovary pulling


FatttyDevine  1 year ago
Bloating, Gas, Pulling/Pinching, Flutters, Twinges, Sore Nipples, Tender Breasts, Vivid Dreams


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