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7 days past ovulation

Nikkiknit  23 days ago
7 dpo- Nausea, bloating, gassy, sore boobs, feel preggo and uncomfortable to sleep on my tummy, which I always do.


AGamersWife  24 days ago
5dpo felt a sharp pelvic pain comes and go now it's a nuisance pain. My boobs had been itchy since then too. Never happened to me.


Aeddins18  26 days ago
Less symptoms then last month. Ovulated earlier i think. No period cramps yet. Boobs sore but towards my cleavage if that makes sense




tionna  27 days ago
Still confused dont know if I feel preggo or pms.lmbo oh and my back hurts when I sit to long ????


tionna  27 days ago
Bloated gassy boobs mild sore come and go sharp pelvic cramps come and go but I have been super freaking tired I mean extremely...???????


ANGELgurl666  41 days ago
Bbs sore tender a tad bloated nips are sore weepy


Aeddins18  8 weeks ago
Woke up gassy, less cramps. Boobs HURT. Ate alot last night. Been feeling frantic.


ANGELgurl666  10 weeks ago
Lol well back ache and dull cramps off and on since 4dpo now 7dpo...


ANGELgurl666  4 months ago
Back is sore, cramps once and a while bbs tender..


Lisjesdia  4 months ago
I have a bad cold, gassy, had a bad headache a couple of days ago, very tired, frequent urination, weird dreams, right side of abdomen pull


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