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5 days past ovulation

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Tay4christo  4 years ago
Today my “girls” are a little tender and nips are a little sore.


Mummabear3  4 years ago
Sore throat stuffy af crampy and neasea


Mememe32  4 years ago
Really thirsty. .warm feeling in abdo feel hot inside ..still feel nauseated and off food




Mememe32  4 years ago
Cramping dry cm cx is high and to the back closed hubby also noticed very tight ..feeling unwell nauseated and lightheaded strange taste


member_226094  4 years ago
Fatigue. Flutters. Very mild “cramps” or twinges. Gassy but oddly no bowel today. Increased cm to creamy/watery. Nipples slightly burning.


Lgrant1017  4 years ago
Very Fatigued, Gassy, Nausea no vomiting, increased CM


himejazu  4 years ago
Fatigued, more CM, tender breasts and under breasts


jvedri818  4 years ago
Boobs feel like they have electricity in them and full and heavy. Nauseous and wearing sea bands. Extra hungry


willowanu  4 years ago
5dpo... crampy, nausea, heartburn


PinkLady1972  4 years ago
5dpo.. Mild cramps.. Sensitive nips.. Left ovary burn pain made me wince.. Tired and easily stressed bit emotional x


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