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5 days past ovulation

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PinkLady1972  2 years ago
5dpo.. Mild cramps.. Sensitive nips.. Left ovary burn pain made me wince.. Tired and easily stressed bit emotional x


Heartsdesire   2 years ago
Quick sharp pain in the middle just above pubic bone.


neomasie  2 years ago
very moody. sleeplessness. dull lower backache




Mr.Gundel   2 years ago
Bloated, super tired all the time. Even taking naps...i never take naps! Light cramping in and out.


PinkLady1972  2 years ago
I'm 5dpo have mild cramps for last 3 evenings.. Nausea.. Sensitive nips.. Strange shooting pains


Wannabemomma13  2 years ago
Have had breast tenderness, and sensitive nipples sinc 1dpo. Today i am 5 dpo - cramping, bloated and cranky


GawgaTinkTink  2 years ago
Sore nipples and mild cramping


Oaktreeowl  2 years ago
mood swings! I get mad then I cry! OMG.... its a rollercoaster!


ritzzy  2 years ago
fatigue, but it could be all in my head


JmTB2017  2 years ago


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