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5 days past ovulation

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39andcounting  4 months ago
Slightly sore boobs, frequent urination, bloating, increased appetite.


ANGELgurl666  4 months ago
Had gassy like cramps most of day . Bbs are a tiny but sore when I push on them


Longingbabybnumber2  5 months ago
Lower back pain and pelvic pain????




Gigimarie01  6 months ago
Cramps/pressure and pulling in lower abd. Breast and nipple soreness/tenderness. Increased CM. Vivid dreams.


FatttyDevine  6 months ago
extreme breast tenderness & sore nipples, gassy, extreme backache, vivid dreams, dull cramps/pressure, bloating


peonies2107  6 months ago
Bloating since 3 dpo.


InuJennKai  9 months ago
Acid reflux, nipple and breast soreness.


TumiRamela  10 months ago
Joint pains on my legs, twinges on breasts and abdomen


Scullors  10 months ago
Vivid dreams . 2nd day of sensitive nipples. Thin creamy CM but no longer stretchy/ egg white. I for sure ovulated 5 days ago.


OhBoyOrGirl  11 months ago
Tired, mild cramping, legaches major gas for past few days bad. More hungery.


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