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3 days past ovulation

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LadyBradford29  3 years ago
My breasts are EXTREMELY tender right now, I accidentally rolled on one this morning and I almost cried ..


Ehargett  4 years ago
Sore nipples, cramps like period is about to start, bloated, hungry and back pain


Mumlovesbaby  4 years ago
Any updates on you ladies? Were you pregnant?




member_314499  4 years ago
My boobs feel full, like really heavy. Kinda like they did when I was breastfeeding.


Mrsfurge713  4 years ago
Sensitive boobs, moderate creamy CM


Raindrop16  4 years ago
Only gassy and crampy/bloated/tight/heavy but only in pelvic area right about the crotch bone lower tummy....lower back tightness on and off


Mommy_Of3BeanieZ  4 years ago
Very sore boobs and lower backache..


Em1895  5 years ago
Almost like I feel nothing. My boobs are sore on and off, been feeling nausea but was felt before I ovulated. Dreamed of implantation.


LaurenMahoney2490  5 years ago
Diarrhea but could be unrelated. Overall not feeling much of anything.


Strath_lass  5 years ago
Had dull pains today, acid reflux and a headache. Hoping it's a sign of good news in a few days.


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