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2 days past ovulation

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Jahoney  4 years ago
Pain in my left hip,thigh and buttocks.wet feeling but no Cm,cervix soft and feels like a donut.


Pamala  4 years ago
I had a + opk on cd16 and 17 i am currently on cd20 my cervix is super sore and has been since yesterday any one else have this


Jslaven90  4 years ago
I am only 2 dpo. My spouse and I tried home IUI a few days ago. I am very Neasous and dizzy with mild cramps and stomach camps.




LillyW  4 years ago
TTC #1...2 DPO...pulling/pressure in the right side of my pelvis, shooting down to my thigh. Hoping this will be the first sign of many!


Evilkitty115  4 years ago
IV got mild cramping bloating and gassy bottom of my tummy feels fuller and like shooting pain in my boobs eek


MissShorty0312  4 years ago
Bloated & Super Gassy


MissShorty0312  4 years ago
Cramping Bad,Moody,Very Tired & Very Hungry & Spotting


Guest  4 years ago
Moody, bloated and super gassy from both ends.


taymo12  4 years ago
Today , i feel tired,headaches,nausea,moody,started spotting,only when i wipe i can tell i am spotting,wondering if its normal?


Awagstaff3  4 years ago
Mild cramps, same thing yesterday so I thought I ovulated yesterday instead of Tuesday. Maybe not though. Back pain woke up wi/ bad headache


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